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New online community created for teen drivers

Posted by lapearce on July 27, 2009

AAA has created in the hopes to give teens a place to share their on-road experiences with other teens. The forum is brand new with very few posts, none of which seem to be from teens yet. Also, only a handful of AAA chapters are taking part in the forum. If you are in one of the 45 other states that aren’t involved, it looks like you are out of luck.

I just lied in order to get in, since California is not a part of the forum. I’m very curious what the teens will talk about. I think I know, because one of the other car based web forums I frequent has an average age of 18. Most of the conversations there are about how to make cars faster, and how they beat another car on the road, and “omg my parents are going to kill me I got in a crash”.

I’m very curious to see how the AAA moderators will reign in these types of comments. I don’t think you can avoid them when you are talking about teens and cars. Teens get in more crashes than any other drivers because they drive more recklessly than any other drivers. They like talking about this too. Bragging about tickets, 130mph runs on the freeways, and risky canyon driving. I’m going to register at to see whats being send, and hopefully guide teens in the right direction. A true challenge on the internet, I know from experience.


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