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NSC unveils “Death by Cellphone” billboards in Florida

Posted by lapearce on July 7, 2009

2,600 people a year are killed on the roads because of cell phone use. The National Safety Council has taken the stories of two of these people: Linda, a 61-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Oklahoma, and Joe, a 12-year-old boy from Michigan to drive this point home in Florida.

Florida currently has no ban what so ever on cell phone use or text messaging. Cell phone use increases the chance of a crash four times, and texting has been shown to be more dangerous than driving and driving. But bans are in their infancy and most drivers admit that they do talk while they drive, even if they are aware of the consequences.

NSC hopes that their billboards about cell phone use, which will be seen by an estimated 56,000 people a day, will help inform Florida drivers of the risks. Of course, ironically, billboards are also huge distractions for drivers. So by spreading their message they are also taking the drivers eyes and attention off the road, potentially resulting in crashes. But I guess you can’t win them all.

Florida Press-News article on the billboards.

There are things that you as a driver can do to help ensure that you are not in a crash because of a distracted driver as well. The most obvious way is to not be distracted yourself. But not being distracted is only one part of the equation, you also need to be aware of your surroundings. In my opinion, a driver who stares straight a head and never looks in any other direction is just as dangerous as a driver on his/her cell phone. If you ever said or thought “that came out of nowhere!” then you probably weren’t paying enough attention while driving.

If you are aware of your surroundings you will have a better chance of seeing the distracted driver before they hit you. You can do this by lifting your eyes up, above the center of your windshield and looking several cars a head of you. You also need to check your mirrors often.

Many people feel that their mirrors are only to be used while changing lanes, in reality, you should be looking at them every few seconds in order to stay aware of your surroundings. It also helps if they are adjusted properly. There are no blind spots on a car if your mirrors are adjusted right. You may think it is witch craft but I’ve adjusted the mirrors on hundreds of cars for hundreds of students and I have yet to find a blind spot. Give it a shot. There’s no reason to see the side of your car anyways, it’s going the same place the front of the car is.


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Bridgestone and Toyota both announce teen driving programs

Posted by lapearce on June 3, 2009

From Nina Russian at Carspondent:

Bridgestone and Toyota Support Teen Safety

In honor of National Safety Month, Bridgestone and Toyota have announced programs targeted towards teen drivers. Teenage drivers are involved in fatal traffic accidents at over twice the rate of the general population. Traffic accidents are the number one cause of death among teens age 16 to 20.

Bridgestone is currently accepting entries for the third annual Safety Scholars video contest. Students create short videos about automotive safety or environmentalism. Three winners receive a $5000 college scholarship, and will have their videos aired as public service announcements on television stations nationwide.

Videos must be 25 or 55 seconds in length. Bridgestone is accepting the first 300 entries by June 17 at A panel of judges will evaluate entries by how well they compel viewers to be more safety or eco-conscious when using their videos. The ten finalists will be posted on, YouTube, MySpace and Facebook on June 25. Bridgestone will announce the grand prize winners on July 23.

Toyota driving skills program helps teens in California learn about accident avoidance

Toyota’s Driving Expectations program consists of interactive and hands-on instruction, to help teens become safer drivers. The program is free to Los Angeles area residents. Toyota has partnered with the National Safety Council since the program’s debut in 2004. Since then, over 12,000 teens in 18 cities have benefited from the program.

Four-hour programs will be held over two weekends: July 11-12, and August 8-9. To learn more about the program and register, visit the Toyota Driving Expectations web site.

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NSC to award people/organizations who save teen lives on the road

Posted by lapearce on May 28, 2009

Finally, a tip of the hat to those who dedicate their lives trying to save lives out on the road. The National Saftey Council announced the first installment of the “Teen Driving Safety Leadership Award” to be awarded to groups or inviduals who have made “exceptional contributions” to reducing injuries and deaths among teen drivers.

The award will focus on four areas of driving safety leadership:

  • Advocacy
  • Leadership or coordination of an effort to adopt best practices
  • Enacting legislation based on proven safety methods
  • Enhancing public understanding of teen driving safety issues and prevention methods

If you feel as though you, or someone you know, should be considered, visit: and apply by July 31. The awards will be presented at the NSC’s Annual Defensive Driving Award Banquet in October.

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2008 Traffic Deaths at Record Low

Posted by lapearce on February 14, 2009

The National Safety Council has reported that 2008 was a good year for drivers, and it’s not just because we were driving less due to gas prices. The Council reports that 39,800 deaths in 2008 were related to motor vehicles, down 8% from last year, after adjusted for miles driven.

While the number is decreasing, it is still very high. Car crashes are the leading non-illness cause of death in America. Coming in right after heart disease and stroke for adults, and accounting for the top killer of teens (nearly 40%). Hopefully we will see this number continue to drop as drivers education improves

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