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Service workers hit by teen driver in Orange County

Posted by lapearce on February 14, 2009

Another strike on the already poor report card of teen drivers occurred today in Orange County, according to the Orange County Register. It reports: “Around 8:30 a.m., a 16-year-old boy was driving a Toyota 4X4 at Camino de los Mares at I-5 lost control of the vehicle, hit a center divider and struck two men performing roadside work.”

The men are very lucky that they had only minor injuries. And so is the boy, since no charges have been filed… yet.

The police may want to change their minds if this one post in regards to the crash is correct:

“I saw the accident happen this morning as I was waiting at a light near the freeway and the kid tried to run a yellow/red light and make a quick left-hand turn, where he lost control and nearly ran over the center divider into oncoming traffic. He then overcorrected and ran into an area where about 20 workers were but most of them ran once they heard the loud screeching of his truck. Then a few teen girls quickly got out of the car and ran off. I’m assuming 16 year-olds are not supposed to drive with other teens in the car with them for this reason. He is really lucky the accident didn’t turn out much worse since, from my vantage point, it looked like a lot more than 2 guys got hit. It was a brand new truck that some obviously spoiled kid did not deserve.”

If what this poster says is true, then the teen driver was driving too fast for the conditions and was breaking the conditions of the restricted license by having under age passengers. Both of these show a complete lack of respect and responsibility for the privilege to drive a car. He could have killed someone, and it is very fortunate that he didn’t.


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