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Ohio honors safe teen drivers with Lights for Life

Posted by lapearce on November 16, 2009

No, Ohio does not need to tell its drivers to turn their headlights on at night, most of them (hopefully) already know to do this. Ohio is actually trying to honor the increased safety of its teen drivers and to raise awareness of teen driving safety and the cause behind crashes involving teen drivers by asking Ohio drivers to keep their headlights on at all times in an effort they call “Lights for Life“.

Of course, most crashes caused by teen drivers aren’t due to a lack of headlights, so hopefully the point gets across.

Ohio is using this nifty little PR tactic in conjunction to Ohio’s first Youth Traffic Safety Summit held by SADD members. SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a very important peer group that has been active in reducing crashes across the nation. The organization hopes to have 300 students and state legislators attend the summit.

39 percent of Ohio’s crashes were caused by young drivers (15-25)  in 2008. The leading causes were: following too close, failure to yield and excessive speed. Most crashes happen on the way home from school. So far in 2009 there have been about 65,500 crashes that involved young drivers, down from 70,000 this time last year.

So keep those headlights on in Ohio, but more importantly, remember why they are being kept on and if you are a parent, be an active part in your child’s driving education to ensure they aren’t 65,501 this year.


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