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it’s a dmv day

Posted by lapearce on July 27, 2009

I’m posting from the line at the DMV fun, right? my punishment for putting off re registering my car until the last minute. Like any day at the DMV I’m surrounded by parents and teens scared and anxious to get their licenses (emotion depends on if you are talking about the parent or the teen).

I have to wonder how many of them know what dangerous journey they are about to embark on. Do the parents know how important their involvement is? Do they know the risks their teen is about to take part in? Do the teens know that there is a good chance that one of them won’t survive until graduation?

I want to talk to all of them. I want to ask them how ready they are to drive and how able their parents are to help them. I know most of them only did the DMV required classes and a good amount of them lied about driving for 50 hours. I also know that none of them are ready emotionally, mentally and physically for the enormous responsibility we are putting on them. Too young to drink, do young to vote, too young to go to war: but old enough to die in a car crash. I pray all of them make it.


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