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Free handbook to help parents with teen drivers.

Posted by lapearce on July 20, 2009

Teaching your teen how to drive can be a stressful and frightening endevor. Luckily, there are tools out there deisgned to help parents during this important part of your teen’s life. Remember: your involvement reduces the chance that your teen is involved in a crash, so do everything you can to be a part of your teen’s driver’s training, licensing and driving.

To help you during this difficult time Metlife has created a handbook that has been endorsed by the NHTSA. This handbook will help you with:

  • Staying cool as a copilot
  • What to do before each trip
  • Helping your teen see
  • Helping them follow in traffic
  • Controlling speeds
  • Safe space and the vehicle
  • Deciding where to go
  • Communicating on the road.

Metlife will mail this book to you free of charge.


One Response to “Free handbook to help parents with teen drivers.”

  1. safedriver said

    Good suggestions. We have an online version at Young Drivers of Canada called Co-Driver ( and it helps a lot.Animations, videos and sugestions.


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