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Top Gear takes a comical look at the pitfalls of new drivers

Posted by lapearce on July 5, 2009

Top Gear, a British television show about cars, recently did an episode where they attempted to find the best car for a 17 year old boy, the age one can legally drive in England. They had to try to find a car they could buy and insure  for 2,500 pounds (~$4,000) that both a teen and a parent could approve of. They then took their cars and conducted a number of tests that the average teen boy may have to go through, i.e.: packing all your stuff in the car as quickly as possible, modifying it to impress girls, fixing damage, backing it into the driveway late at night without waking your parents, and finally: an obstacle course where they were supposed to hit all of the things teenagers hit and impress some girls with a handbrake turn. They also went over the struggles to insure a new driver, which is very expensive because of all of the above situations new drivers often times find themselves in.

The hosts do these tests with true comedic flare making for a very enjoyable show, they also bring light to a lot of truths about new drivers, most notable the chance for teens to crash. At one point (the beginning of part 3) Jeremy Clarkson tells his story of getting his license:

“I didn’t see it as a driving test so much as a confirmation of my excellence. That’s really what it was…. when he said ‘congratulations Mr. Clarkson you’ve passed’ what I heard was ‘congratulations Mr. Clarkson you are the best driver I’ve ever seen in my life!’ so you can imagine my surprise 36 hours later to find myself in a field surrounded by sheep that were no longer alive and bits of what used to be my mom’s Audi.”

We can all laugh about his story how because he’s still here with us, but so many new drivers have the same feelings of superiority on the road as Clarkson did and they lose their life finding out that they aren’t half the driver they think they are. Sad points aside, I think parents and teens alike can benefit to seeing some humor in this stressful and scary time.

Unfortunately, Top Gear is not available in the US. I’m sure these Youtube videos will be pulled for copyright reasons soon (if they don’t load try refreshing):


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