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Excuse my absence, we had a death in the family

Posted by lapearce on July 1, 2009

After returning from a lovely four-day road trip to the Sierra Mountains I received a tragic call from my mother. Our dog Cammie had passed away. She was only four years old. It was very unexpected and shocking. My dad took her and our other dog, Pepper, on a walk. Cammie was having a lot of fun. She was running everywhere, and even got to meet a horse! Then, suddenly, she just laid down. Her body went limp and she didn’t want to move. My dad carried her home and they tried to cool her down, when it didn’t work they brought her to the vet, but by then it was too late. She had heat stroke and had done irreversable damage to her organs. About 12 hours after she collapsed she passed away.

We all took Monday off to be together. Then yesterday I had a lot of catching up to do at work. I just didn’t feel like posting when dealing with our own tragedy. People will tell you that dogs are like your children. This is so true. They are the most wonderful animals, they just live to love you and make you happy. As hard as it is to lose Cammie, every day in America families lose their human children to car crashes because of lack of experience and training.The sorrow we are feeling for Cammie is just a drop in the bucket to what these families feel when they lose their teens.

So keep your real kids safe in a car and keep your dog kids safe from heat stroke. Know the signs, and know how to treat it if it happens. Heat stroke kills quickly, and if you do not cool down your dog immediately it is already too late. Like many parents who lose their children in car crashes, my family did not know the danger of heat stroke in dogs. We didn’t know what happened to Cammie when she collapsed and our ignorance prevented us from getting her the treatment she needed in time. Knowledge can be the difference between life and death for all of your children.


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