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For Neda: a victim of the Iranian government

Posted by lapearce on June 20, 2009

I am not Iranian, but I am very concerned about what is happening in Iran right now. I’ve been following what has happened on twitter all week long, and today I went to a pro-democracy rally today in Los Angeles. CNN has been on all day as we have been following what has happened.

Protests happened all over the world today, especially in Iran, where police and military forces used tear gas, batons, guns, and even dropped acid (or boiling water) on protesters from helicopters. One of the most emotional pieces of information to come out of Iran today was the shooting and killing of a girl named Neda.

Neda was 16 years old. She was standing by her father’s side at a rally when she was shot in the chest by a snipper. Someone recorded her death on video, and if you want to see it, I’m sure you can find it on youtube or on the news. I don’t want to link it because it incredibly emotional and difficult to watch her die. To see people struggling to save her, and then the shrikes and cries from the crowd as she dies. 

I want to take a moment from what is happening in the United States, our own politics and issues, and look at what others are struggling. Pray for the Iranian people and for their safety.


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