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NY is botching new teen driving laws… again

Posted by lapearce on June 17, 2009

Hey Mr. Bill why are you sitting out here? Because the New York Senators are too busy fighting for control to pass me!

"Hey Mr. Bill why are you sitting out here?" "Because the New York Senators are too busy fighting for control to pass me!"

This month a comprehensive teen driving bill made it through New York State Assembly and was passed today.  The bill will require a 6 month period before a permitted teen could get their license and restrict teen drivers from having teen passengers, using cell phones, and driving at night.

A wrote about this before the assembly passed the bill 133-0 in anger because the legislature had failed to pass a similar bill last year for one reason:

It would have required seat belt use for passengers over the age of 16.

Now, study after study shows that seatbelt use is lowest among teenagers than any other demographic. It is also proven that states that require belt use have a higher rate of compliance. But, don’t tell that to New York legislatures, who got so caught up in their own selfishness and dislike for wearing seatbelts, as well as the nuances of what it means to wear one properly, that they rejected the bill over the use of this life saving device.

Well, the legislature looks like it is going to mess up, again, but this time, it is political, not personal.

Even though the bill easily passed legislature, a 31-31 split between Republicans and Democrats in the Senate has left the house divided and without a controlling party. So what is the democratic thing to do in a devided house? Apparently in New York it is to do nothing. They haven’t met in a bill-passing session since the 11th. The 2009 session is ending next week, and with a number of laws expiring in July that will need to be reviewed, who knows if the teen driving law will get passed in time.

Here we are in the middle of the most dangerous time for new drivers, and petty debates over who is the majority party are costing lives in New York. What selfishness, what shame. You weren’t elected to stroke your own ego, to gain control, you were elected to better your state. I would also like to personally single out Assemblyman Gantt for trying to remove part of the law that would ban text messaging. Shame on you for trying to remove such an important part of the bill. Who wants to bet that Gantt likes a little text messaging while he drives, while most likely not wearing his seatbelt, to and from work?

Shame on all of you. Put your egos aside and do your job!


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