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New software maps teen’s position and speed

Posted by lapearce on June 16, 2009

Even the best kids can make bad decisions behind the wheel of a car. Starting today, all new and existing Zoombak GPS customers will be able to tell which direction their teen is heading, and how fast it is. they can also look at speed averages.

Simon Buckingham, CEO of Zoombak says that teens’ driving habits improve when monitored by parents. This is true, parental involvement is key fo a teen being safe on the road. I don’t think many teens would risk speeding or going where they aren’t supposed to go when they know their parents are monitoring their every move.

This may be seen by many, especially teens, as a gross violation of personal freedom for the teens. I’ll admit, it is a little Big Brotherish to be able to monitor your teen’s every move. While they are under the age of 18, however, they are your responsibility, and if you think that monitoring them is the way to keep them safe, then that is your decision.


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