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Girl assulted after car crash

Posted by lapearce on June 16, 2009

We hope that we, and our loved ones, are never involved in a car crash. Dispite our best wishes, however, crashes happen every day. A lot of new drivers don’t know what to do when they are involved in a crash and can make mistakes: mistakes that can lead to them to being victims of insurance fraud, or even worse. The smart thinking of one 17-year-old driver meant that she was able to escape a horrific post-crash experience without harm.

The girl was driving in Boynton Florida when she hit a grey van in front of her. After the cars pulled to the side of the road, the man that the girl hit wanted her to give him money for the damage and asked her to ride with him to an ATM. She smartly refused the ride and said she would follow him. After her refusal, however, the man cornered her and groped the teen. She screamed, causing the man to jump in his van and drive away. Her level-headedness and refusal to get in the van with the man could have saved her life, and at the very least saved her from being rape.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what to do in a crash. It is something that parents need to discuss with their teens to protect them if they are involved in a crash. A collegue of mine at Driving Concepts is in the insurance industry and teaches families on what to do in case of a collision. Here are some tips he gives:

  • Make sure the cars are in a safe place before stepping out of the vehicle
  • If the other driver is irate don’t get out of your car
  • Call the police for any crash
  • Take photos of your car and the other car in case they try to pull something funny on you later (it happens)
  • Try to find witnesses
  • When exchanging information get: the other driver’s full name, their driver’s license number, the name, phone number and address for the insurance company, and information about what car they are driving. You do not need to give them your address of phone number, nor should you, in case of situations like the one above.
  • Do not discuss the crash at the scene, last thing you need is tempers flaring at the side of the road
  • If you are stopped on the side of the road or the freeway, do NOT stand between the two cars to inspect damage! It only takes one other driver who isn’t paying attention to hit the back car and send it into you, pinning you between the two cars.

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