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ZoomSafer hopes to take distraction away from cell phones

Posted by lapearce on June 11, 2009

My bluetooth headset broke this week. I ordered myself a new Jawbone 2, the latest and greatest in hands free communication devices from Amazon. It’s being delivered as we speak, so for right now: no cell phone while I drive for me. Even with bluetooth, I don’t like talking in the car. Your brain still gives attention to the conversation, which means less attention is on the road.

Like a lot of people, though, I feel like I need to answer calls. It may be from work, or from home, and I don’t want that person calling me to think that I’m ignoring them. Many times the calls only take a second too, a quick little “I’m driving, can I call you back?” Many teens feel the need to respond to calls, texts, emails, facebook comments, etc as soon as possible. It goes back to brain development, where teens are more emotional than rational with their thoughts. So even with the number of cell phone bans in dozens of states in this country, teens are still talking, texting, tweeting and facebooking while they drive.

Well, ZoomSafer hopes to satisfy their need. Their free software, which will be out in beta format in roughly 45 days, will be a sort of personal assistant for your cell phone when you are in your car. Miachel Riemer, founder and CEO of ZoomSafer tells me that the software will, “prevent distracted driving but still allow users to stay connected with their friends, family and social networks.”

These are the features that the software will have:

  • Activates automatically when driving
  • Reminds you to drive safely (including reminders from friends, family, celebrities, etc)
  • Optionally inform friends, family, co-workers, and social networks when and where you’re driving (can also share your location)
  • Applies preferences to manage inbound communications (including the “out-of-office” replies we call auto-toots)
  • Suppresses unwanted alerts (SMS and emails still arrive you just don’t get alerted until you are done driving)
  • Provides a set of voice services so you can send/receive emails and text messages with your voice

Hopefully this program will help teens, and adults, drive with ease, knowing that their friends are being attended to with ZoomSafer.

You can register for the beta here. I am already signed up and will post my review after I’ve used the program.


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