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No bail for teen held for reckless driving

Posted by lapearce on June 10, 2009

Teeters vehicle after crash that paralized her passanger

Teeters' vehicle after crash that paralyzed her passenger

Wow! I’ve worried in the past about the lack of enforcement of graduated driver’s license laws, but this doesn’t seem to be the case in Georgia, where 16-year-old Ashley Teeters was denied bond on reckless driving and license violation charges for a crash that left another teen paralyzed.

Teeters, who under Georgia law was not supposed to have teenage passengers, was going an estimated 90 mph on a surface street when she failed to navigate a turn and rolled her car several times. Both herself and a passenger in the front seat, miraculously, suffered only minor injuries. 16-year-old Tyler Epps, who was in the back, however, was left paralized from the May 23 wreck and is still in the hospitol.

None of the teens were wearing their seatbelts.

Teeters is also facing shoplifting and assult charges from other incidents.

It is an absolute miracle that all three teens weren’t killed in this horrific crash. Teeters is learning the hard way how important it is to follow the, often strict, restricted license for new drivers. Parents, show this article to your teens! Show them what the consequences may be if they decide to violate the provisions of their graduated drivers license! As for Tyler Epps, it’s such a shame that his life was destroyed by so many careless decisions by this young woman.


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    teenagers and parents alike would benefit greatly from

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