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New laws take effect next month in Indiana

Posted by lapearce on June 10, 2009

If you have a new driver, a child who will be driving soon, or are a new driver in Indiana, make sure you are aware of the new laws going into effect July 1.

Starting July 1 drivers under the age of 18 cannot drive between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. for the first six months of their license. They also must wait six months before driving with teen passengers. Remember to turn that phone off too, starting July 1 cell phone use, aside for in emergency situations (i.e. calling 911 not helping your friend through a breakup) will be banned.

the law hopes to reduce the number of crashes among teen drivers, crashes that injured or killed over 800 Indiana teens in 2007.

The comment on the story linked above shows how few people understand how important legislation like this is:

…and who is going to enforce this worthless piece of legislation? There are more important things for police to be doing than trying to guess someone’s age and then stop them for talking on the phone. This is useless crap. –Derek

When more teens die every year on our roads than all military casulalties from the Iraq War, I’m not really sure what more important things there are for police to focus on, at least not from a road enforcement perspective. After all, aren’t police here to protect us and save lives?


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