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Three teens killed in Florida crash

Posted by lapearce on June 8, 2009

I really don’t like focusing on crashes on my blog. This is a blog about finding solutions to the problem, not focusing on it. There are other blogs out there for that. But so much just went wrong here that I have to bring light to this tragety.

Nine high school students from Ed White High School in Florida skipped the last day of school on Friday to head to a beach for a party. The SUV, which I believe is a Ford Expedition from the photo, seats a maximum of 7 with the optional rear seat. Without the rear seat, it seats 5. The 15-year-old driver of the SUV was the only one wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

The crash was caused from a tire blowing out on the SUV. The inexperienced driver lost control, the SUV flipped several times and hit a light poll. All of the teens in the car, aside from the belted driver, were ejected from the vehicle.

John Kiely, 15, Kimber Krebbs, 15 and Dennis Stout, 17 were all killed on the scene.

Rebecca Pilkinton, 16, Erin Hurst, 15 and Timothy Adam, 15, are all listed in critical condition,  15-year-old Jimmy Gracia is in fair condition. Shannon Broome, 15, was released from the hospital Sunday. The driver, 15-year-old Brandon Hodges, the only one wearing his seatbelt, received minor injuries and has been released from the hospital as well.

Why the unlicensed Hodges was driving when teens as old as 17 were in the car, I don’t know. I don’t know how he got the car, who let him drive it, etc. Under Florida law, he shouldn’t have been driving without someone over the age of 21 with him. Unfortunately, because of this horrific crash three teens have lost their lives and six more will never be the same again. My condolances to the teens involved and their families.


4 Responses to “Three teens killed in Florida crash”

  1. prayforbekahboo said

    Im a family friend of Rebekah Pilkinton. She was an amazing girl! She’ll pull through this! But i just want to let you know that the families knew these kids were going on this trip and for rebekah she attended a local private school which was released earlier in the week. Thank you for being supportive! pray for our loved one a speedy recovery!

  2. codi nicole whittenberg said

    Rebecca was a sweet girl we went to school together at temple i’m glad that she made it threw this. Imma be praying for ya bekahboo

  3. […] misting up as I write about these lives that were lost or ruined because of some bad decisions. In my original blog post I mentioned how so much went wrong, I still believe that. What if the teens had been wearing their seat belts? What if the tires were […]

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