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Delaware ups commitment to teen drivers

Posted by lapearce on June 8, 2009

“In 2008, teen drivers in Delaware made up 5% of all licensed drivers, but were involved in 10% of all vehicle crashes,” said Jennifer Cohan, Director of the Division of Motor Vehicles today during the unveiling of a number of new teen driving programs aimed at reducing crashes and deaths among new drivers.

At the press conference today Lt. Governor Matt Denn and representatives from the Teen Driving Task Force,  a collection of agencies that educate teen drivers, including announced the programs that aim to educate teens and parents more about the dangers of driving.

These programs include the newly launched, which has information about laws, tips and stories (well, one story so far) from teen drivers about safety. Delaware is also introducing a class for teens and parents about graduated drivers license laws that hopes to increase knowledge, and parental involvement in teen driving. Parental involvement has shown to significantly decrease crashes, the involvement of parents in this plan is paramont, in my opinion, to its success.

Delaware will also hand out reflective stickers identifying new drivers at DMV locations. They are not mandated like they are in New Jersey.

These new initiatives were created through a joint effort by: Division of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Education, the Office of Highway Safety, Delaware State Police, AAA Mid-Atlantic, and SmartDrive. The Teen Driving Task Force was founded last year to come up with solutions to the teen driving problem with the goals of educating teen drivers and their parents about the safe driving skills, training, and the consequences if ignored.

I would have liked to see the Task Force take on the driving skills and training aspects more, but any improvement is good improvement.


2 Responses to “Delaware ups commitment to teen drivers”

  1. […] Rookie Driver magnent is available in all 50 states, so teens who do not live in New Jersey, or Deleware (where stickers are optional) can still let people on the road know that the driver behind the wheel is a new, or […]

  2. […] Susie Kessler of Kennassaw Georgia is fighting for legislation that would mandate new drivers have a magnet that identifies them as novice drivers. She has formed a non profit called Caution and Courtesy Driver Alliance and has already sold 15,000 magnets. She thinks that the magnets will encourage other drivers to give new drivers space and pressure new drivers to be more cautious on the road. Magnets like this were recently mandated in New Jersey and are optional in Delaware.  […]

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