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Defensive driving class reduces crashes 63%

Posted by lapearce on June 6, 2009

Teen driver learns car control

Teen driver learns car control

Those of us who teach defensive driving to teens know that the classes save lives and prevent crashes, but so many of the organizations doing research on teen driving focus so much on the effectiveness of graduated driving licenses, that they typically ignore the effectiveness of defensive driving/car control classes.

The benefits of classes over laws, in my opinion, is they don’t take years to be put into place, they don’t rely on enforcement, and you can never take education away from a person.

The Meridian Police Department of Mississippi has seven years of experience teaching defensive driving and car care to teens. The week-long courses are limited to 20 students and focus on teaching teens how to avoid emergencies on the road, as well as basic car care.

Since the course has started, the police department has seen a sixtythree percent reduction in crashes among teen drivers.

For comparison, graduated driver’s licenses reduce crashes by nineteen percent.

These classes work better than laws. There need to be more programs like this available to more teens, this is the best way to save lives!


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