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Pre-prom crash takes life of 16 year old

Posted by lapearce on May 31, 2009

There is nothing sadder than a child dieing. Especially when that child dies during a time that is supposed to be happy and joyous, like prom. This weekend in Los Angeles 16 year old Jennifer Perla was killed on the way to her high school prom after the driver, a fellow teen, tried to avoid another car and flipped the SUV he was driving. Jennifer was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car.

The vehicle was filled with happy teens on their way to their senior prom for Taft High School for what should have been a night of celebration. Jennifer had been invited to prom by a senior. She was a sophomore and just turn 16 a week before the crash. She loved to dance and wanted to be in the FBI. So many dreams cut short. The other occupants in the SUV, including Jennifer’s sister, were also injured. Lord knows the driver will never recover for what happened as well.

My deepest condollances for the friends and family.


5 Responses to “Pre-prom crash takes life of 16 year old”

  1. unknown said

    to the idiot (LAUREN) that wrote this.
    get the facts before you write anything.
    first of all her brother was never in the suv.
    the driver swerved to avoid another vehicle that got in his lane causing the SUV to overturn. They were on their way to prom at the science center. taft high school is in woodland hills.
    So Lauren i belive everyone would love for you to stop writing bs and get it straight.

    posted by:
    Students at Taft.

    • Lauren said

      I apologize that you have seemed to misunderstand what I was trying to say. I’m on your side. What happened was tragic, and I’m just stating what happened. I didn’t name the driver because I don’t want to bring any more attention to him. The LA Times article, that has seen been edited, said that he changed lanes and swerved to avoid another vehicle. Over correcting is the typical way that people flip during this maneuver. However, I’ve edited my post to reflect the edit to the LA Times article. As for the error about Jennifer’s brother, I’ve changed it to read correctly, that it was her sister in the car. As for the issue with where the prom was, that was just a typo, I know where the prom was. I’m sorry you lost your friend, but please understand: my goal is to save lives, don’t demonize teens. What happened happened, and no edits to a post will change that.

  2. liz said

    i am deeply saddened by this tragic event.

  3. jessica said

    this is so terrible.
    i knew this girl from middle school, and i can not believe such a horrible thing happened to such a fun,smart, and beautful girl.



  4. emma diaz perla said

    i misss my jenni and as for you lauren thank for trying to teach teens to be savety but my cousin jennifer was a person that left a big deep pain in my heart i love her a lot and i will always look up to her .so you should have chooce another artircal to write

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