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Ford introduces “MyKey” in hopes to save lives

Posted by lapearce on May 28, 2009

Is custom programing that limited speed and requires seat belt use the key to saving lives? Ford thinks it is. Yesterday they unvailed MyKey, a system that will come standard on all new Fords.

How MyKey works is that the car comes with two keys, one for the parents and one for the new driver. The car will drive normally for the parent, but for the teen, chips in the key will tell the car not to go past a certain speed, not turn the stereo on until the driver is buckled up, and even control how loud the music is. It will also prevent traction control from being turned off, and let you know sooner when the car is running out of gas.

So, is MyKey the answer? Well, it can’t hurt. MyKey is great because it eliminates two big cause of deaths among new drivers: excessive speed and lack of seat belts. Current technology can just make parents aware when their new driver goes past a certain speed, or chime annoyingly at the teen to buckle up. This actually stops them. I think that over time, it will create better habits in the teens with cars that have MyKey.

The program won’t solve all problems associated with new drivers, but it’s a step in the right direction. We always tell our families that we can’t ride home with them. Now, in some way, we can.


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