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Driving classes fill up after fatal crash

Posted by lapearce on April 18, 2009

Cross bears witness to those effected by tragedy

Cross bears witness to those effected by tragedy

Following the deaths of Mark and Zach last week, CHP driving courses are filling up, according to the Orange County Register. I find it very sad that it takes a tragedy for people to care about something this serious. When car crashes are responsible for nearly 40% of teen deaths, why do we need a death to be convinced there is a problem?

I found an old statistic I used to use the other day, and unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to find the source. However, when this group asked parents what they thought the leading cause of death for teens was they said drugs, which is actually number four after car crashes, murder and suicide. Percentage that guessed right: 13%

It is a problem when people do not recognize a problem.  We need to let parents know how dangerous driving is to new drivers. We need to convince people that there needs to be better education. We need to change the attitudes surrounding driving. It’s not a right: it’s a privilege.

I always feel that if an action saves one life it is worth while. Is it the same if the death of a child results in the preservation of another? I don’t think you can swap lives that way. I really truely hope that as a result of Mark and Zach’s death lives were saved… I just wish their lives were also saved. I wish we could save lives without the loss of others.


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