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N.J. makes decal display for new drivers law

Posted by lapearce on April 16, 2009

Example of third-party  new driver decal

Example of third-party new driver decal

I blogged about this back when the bills were still moving through the legislature. Now it is official: New Jersey is the first state to require drivers under the age of 21 to display a decal identifying them as new drivers.

The purpose of the law is to make new drivers easier to spot by law enforcement in the hopes that they will drive more cautiously.

“Kyleigh’s Law” as it is called was named after 16-year-old Kyleigh D’Alessoi who was killed along with another teen in a crash. “The legislation I am signing today initiates several preventative measures to help avoid further teen driving tragedies like Kyleigh’s while ensuring that our young people are better prepared to safely take to the roadways,” said Gov. Corzine as he signed the bill into law at Central High in Chester Township, where Kyleigh was a student.

Along with requiring decals, the law will change the name of the provisional licenses to probationary, limits new drivers to one passenger, restrict driving between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and ban cell phones.

Other decal programs

While New Jersey may be the first state to require decals, it is not the first world-wide to do so. Australia, British Columbia, Northern Ireland and Japan are some of the other places that require decals. Delaware and Connecticut are considering similar requirements.

If you are not in New Jersey and would like a decal for your child’s car, the organization gives parents the opportunity to put “Hows my Driving” stickers on their teen drivers with similar hopes as New Jersey that the knowledge that they are being watched will make teens drive more cautiously. also sells stickers itendifying new drivers, but without a way to report bad drivers.


3 Responses to “N.J. makes decal display for new drivers law”

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