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Driver of Mustang attended traffic school two weeks before fatal crash

Posted by lapearce on April 9, 2009

Mark Motley

Mark Motley

More information is being made available about Mark Motley, whose short life was cut short on Tuesday afternoon along with his friend, Zachary Raffety, when he lost control of his 300hp Mustang and slammed into a tree at a high rate of speed. They were 18 and 17, respectably.

Mark was your average young car enthusiast. Take this as a fact from someone who has been involved in the car scene since I was 15, and did my own stupid stunts when I was younger. He was excited about his car, he modified it, he knew everything about it. And he liked to drive it fast.

While Motley was not street racing when the crash happened, he was doing what we call a “canyon run”. This is when people drive at high rates of speed through twisty roads. This is behavior common among young, inexperiance car enthusiests who are unaware of the risks of this practice.

Officer Eric Barnard says, “The three friends had set out for an afternoon drive in two cars through the scenic and winding road, but speed and inexperience turned deadly when two of the three friends were killed ”

Mourning the loss

Mourning the loss

Evan Lancaster, 18 himself, sat next to Mark two weeks ago in traffic school, that both of them were taking to remove speeding tickets from their records. Lancaster illuminates the mindset that lead to Motley’s death, according to him Motley wanted to race with him a couple of times.

Talk about a failure of the system. The system that gave Mark his license. The system that failed him when it was unable to convince him not to perpetuate the dangerous behavior that got him a ticket just months before this crash. I wish the system worked. I wish that he never received that ticket because he understood the risks, or that he learned them after going to traffic school.

I know in my heart that so many lives would be saved if kids learned these lessons in a safe environment: instead of out on the street in life or deaths situations. I’ve seen the transformation that this type of education can have at my driving school. It is very humbling to these drivers for them to see how little they know. It is especially humbling when I, a female, run circles around them with my driving.

I work so hard to stop deaths like this, deaths that happen for all the reasons I fight again. It kills me when this happens.

We aren’t doing enough.


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