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Shockingly, parents take teens to easier DMVs

Posted by lapearce on March 30, 2009

I was looking for something on the OC Register page the other day, and found this old article that I had commented on two months ago telling people which DMVs in Orange County have the easiest driver’s tests.

What really upset me was the mindset of the parents:

“The Foothill High School sophomore’s mom, Laurie Peterson, 47, said a family friend took her child to the DMV office in Norco out of concern that the test at the Santa Ana office would be too hard.

“Personally, I don’t care where he takes the test, he’s a good driver, but you know, they hear those rumors and they give the kids the heebie-jeebies.””

Another woman in the comments said that she took her kids out to the Banning DMV because, “I felt my kids didn’t need the added stress of their behind the wheel test (a weird stranger in their car) with all the wackos on the roads in OC. It was easy.”

Hey lady! Guess what! The day after your kids take the test, they will be driving with the wackos in OC. You didn’t protect them from ANYTHING.

I suppose my mindset is different from most due to my knowledge of the perils of teen driving, and of the complete inability of the DMV to realize the error of its ways. We need to convince the parents this is something serious, and we need to let teens know that failing isn’t exactly a bad thing. If you aren’t ready to drive, you aren’t ready to drive, and no DMV should change that. The fact that there are easier DMVs and harder DMVs also says there is issue with DMV oversight on these tests. Shouldn’t all DMVs be equal?

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