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Summary of Sunday’s Clinic

Posted by lapearce on February 14, 2009

Yasmine nagivages an emergency lane change in H3

We had a great class on Sunday. Judy, our head instructor, was off testing out the brand new BMW 7 series with Creiver BMW, but the rest of the instructors stepped in to teach the class.

We had nine students and the range of teens and cars wouldn’t have been more diverse and interesting: from a Mini Cooper to a Ford F350 super dulie! Classes this diverse are always the best, because they show both the parents and the teens how differently some cars can turn, stop and avoid accidents.

One of our students, Yasmine came with her parents and two cars: Mercedes S class and a Hummer H. Neither of which were the car she would be driving when she got her license, but they brought both cars because they didn’t know which one she should learn on.

Yasmine wanted to learn in the Mercedes because the H3 scared her. I told her parents to use the H3. The car was going to be a lot harder to handle. She would have to work a lot harder to learn in it, and that hard work would pay off in appreciation and skills that would be transfered than if the course was taken in a car that does everything for you.

At the end of the day, Yasmine was glad she learned in the H3. While she no longer was afraid to drive the car, but she also knew that she didn’t want to. She said the best thing about learning how to drive in the H3 was that she really appreciated small cars because of it. She learned that bigger doesn’t mean safer if you can’t avoid an accident.

I know Yasmine will be fine once she gets her license.

Elizabeth struggles to miss cones in her large truck

Elizabeth struggles to avoid cones in her large truck

The nimble MINI goes around the obstical with ease

Blake learns that when you lock up the brakes on a car without ABS that the car no longer turns


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