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NHTSA to force technology to remove “blind spots”

Posted by lapearce on February 14, 2009

The economy is the biggest thing on every one’s mind right now. Up to the top is also the fate of the car companies, and how they will survive when many of them are seeing double-digit profit declines. It is a head-smacking, what are they thinking, time when you learn that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is wasting ours, and the car companies’ money, by fixing yet another problem that doesn’t really exist.

According to Autoblog, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is going to start mandating blind spot removal devices on all cars. These devices include: “additional mirrors, cameras or sensors, as well as brake interlock systems that won’t allow cars to shift out of park without the application of the brakes.” I have a question for the NHTSA, why don’t you just teach people how to use their mirrors?

The fact is that there is no such thing of a blind spot unless you are in a large vehicle, in which case there is a blind spot behind the back window. Blind spots are created by the driver, and are easily solved by proper mirror placement. Most people have their mirrors adjusted so that they can see the side of their car. Why? It’s going the same place the front of the car is. This causes a large overlap in view between the side mirrors and back mirrors, and completely eliminates any view ahead of the rear quarter panel.

To remove your blind spot, you don’t need a computer to beep at you when a vehicle is beside you, or another mirror to look at the blind spot, or a camera, all you need to do is push your mirror out a little. Press your head against the glass of the driver’s side window and adjust your mirror so you can barily see the side of it. Then, move your body so that your head is in the middle of the car (in front of the rear view mirror) and adjust the passanger mirror so that you can see a small part of the car. Now, when you look in your mirrors you won’t have any blind spot! It will take a little bit of time to get used to, but it works.

There, I just saved the US Government and the car markers millions of dollars.

This illustration shows how properly adjusted mirrors remove blind spots:

5 Responses to “NHTSA to force technology to remove “blind spots””

  1. carol said

    excellent, well done, thats $millions on an I.O.U to you then!

  2. […] seconds in order to stay aware of your surroundings. It also helps if they are adjusted properly. There are no blind spots on a car if your mirrors are adjusted right. You may think it is witch craft but I’ve adjusted the mirrors on hundreds of cars for hundreds […]

  3. I am a professional sedan driver for Capital Metro transportation in Austin, Texas. Recently, 2 inch round convex mirrors were glued on to the flat outside mirrors. I am still in battle with them. I even told them about this adjustment. They won’t listen. I agree, the problem lies in the driver, not the mirrors. I have documents from the NHTSA that backs up my claims that the “spots” are not safe and documents from the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards on rear view mirror regulations. If a person wants to put the spots on their personal automobile that is fine but this is a public transportation company and we are being forced to accept it. I may win this one.

    • lapearce said

      Thanks for sharing your story Bo. I agree that these dots are dangerous. I personally find them disorienting and think they block very important information. I hope you are able to convince Metro to not just remove the dots, but to spend a few minutes to teach drivers how to adjust their mirrors so the dots aren’t needed

  4. The number 1 and number cause in fatality crashes in the U.S. is driving over the speed limit and unsafe lane change. The government and auto manufacturers could put governors (a device that prohibits the vehicle from reaching a pre-set speed) to slow down speedsters, but as we all know speed sells cars. Round blind spot mirror manufacturers are raking a fortune and auto manufacturers are lobbying to manufacture cars with blind spot convex mirrors installed. That, like speed, is going to make $$$$. It is a gimmick and most people are suckers!
    If everyone is so gung-ho on stopping fatalities due to improper use of the rear-view mirrors, then why isn’t there more education provided on the proper use and adjustment of the rear view mirrors.

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